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  • We make the escrow process as smooth as possible, not just for our real estate agents but also for the buyer and the seller. Our experienced personnel demonstrates a customer-friendly “can do” and “will do” attitude at any time. We work diligently to look for solutions to any and all challenges that arise without compromising due diligence or appropriate escrow protection procedures; thereby protecting the clients, agents, and company. We are competitive in all costs as we supply superior quality service to everyone we serve.

  • We are a neutral third-party company that handles the money and holds funds securely and disburses money on time to the lender, agents, taxing bodies, and other parties accordingly. This prevents disputes and makes any transaction matters much smoother for the buyers and sellers.

  • We provide accurate estimates of costs involved in buying and selling your home, escrow services, title insurance, and more. Within the escrow business, we consider service as a gold standard. At Takin Care of Escrow LLC, we will always put your needs first.

  • We play several key roles in matters concerning realty transactions. One of most the important responsibilities we have is handling escrow accounts, which generally contain funds needed to conclude the deal. Funds are put aside in escrow accounts and 100% cross-border irrevocable trust accounts to make sure that monies are used only for their main purpose, namely for settlement and closing costs

  • Honoring the Doctrine of utmost good faith at TCOE, our friendly staff has over 20 years of combined mortgage and lending experience, 30 years of combined settlement services experience, and offers top-class customer service with results you can rely upon. We strive to create long-lasting relationships with our clients, realtors, and loan officers.

  • Our experienced staff at Takin Care of Escrow LLC are happy to assist you with the settlement of your transaction. We provide the exceptional service that our company was founded upon. Once the negotiations are complete, we will close your transaction allowing you to go about your day with ease.

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